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Effective climate action only works with global collaboration!

For everyone who contributes or wants to contribute to solving the climate crisis.

Spread your solution globally

Enabling global and local collaboration & knowledge sharing in climate action.

Finding inspiring solutions to global warming. Replicate succesful projects and benefit from the experience of others. Find solutions that actually make a difference! Contact the project owners directly to ask about their lessons learned and knowledge on any specific project.

Worldwide collaboration

Worldwide collaboration in climate action is the main goal of Climate Connect. We want everyone involved in fighting climate change to work together! Filter projects by what skills they are looking for to find out where you can make the biggest difference with your individual skillset!

A Light Wind Swept Over The Corn, And All Nature Laughed In The Sunshine.


Forest Wilderness

To fight climate change, we all need to work together! If you like the project, offer to work with the team to make it a success!entum.

We focus on initiatives and companies that have sustainability on the top of their agenda, that are local or that contribute to sustainability in some other way.

We work on several tasks, including outreach to potential partner organizations, writing emails and other updates to partner organizations, brainstorming ideas for partnerships, holding partnership interest meetings, and doing research on potential partners.

Spread Your Solution Globally