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Since 1995, enabling global and local collaboration & knowledge sharing in climate action.

NY Climate is a donation based NGO – we dedicate all our work to make an impact on climate change. Being an independent organisation allows us to work with everyone involved in fighting climate change. This is also why we include our community as much as possible. Our code-base is open source, we organize regular network events and let our users help us decide what steps to take next.

Find solutions that actually make a difference! Contact the project owners directly to ask about their lessons learned and knowledge on any specific project.

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The Idea was born to bring this approach to a global level. Include as many people as possible to fight climate change together.

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In the summer of 2021 we expect all core functionality to work smooth and all pages and content to be polished and user-friendly. Help us get here by sharing your feedback!

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Share your climate change solutions with the climate action community and find people who can use your experience to replicate your solutions somewhere else. Receive help and feedback on what you are doing to combat global warming and increase your impact!

Work together, feel inspired and make a real impact on climate change!

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