What We Do

We Make Nature Smile

We want to connect everyone that is fighting against climate change from Greta Thunberg and Greenpeace to the local sustainable startup, local and national governments, and your friend who just recently realized that biking to work instead of driving can already make a difference.


Go along With Nature

Autumn Is a Second Spring

Millions of people—in organizations, with homes, or with spare time—can do a lot for the climate, yet only a few people see options that either fit their lives or feel approachable. These millions of people have their inspiration wasted each year because they don’t know how to answer the “what can I do?” question without being disheartened. They want to act to help the climate, but the solutions seem far off and scattered across the Internet. This makes the problem seem amorphous and in-actionable. Our solution is a non-profit tool that serves as an engaging bridge between climate change awareness media and the actions or movements that really make a difference.

Look Deep Into Nature

We aim to help consumers in their food consumption, and our global goal is to reduce food climate print. We also work raising children awarness in schools.

Study Nature, Love Nature

Our private consumption has an important impact on climate and environment. We are all asked to check our lifestyle and to shift our consumption to a more sustainable course. Our project wants to show that with simple changes we all can reduce our material footprint.

Just Let It Rain

We are building up a demand response energy network which is decentralized, regional, transparent and sustainable.

Spread Your Solution Globally